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Top 10 episodes


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Recorded 3rd March 2020

Hosts: The Real BDFS, Isaiah Kalava and Cam Schuster

One of West Aucklands finest Eddie Tuala AKA DJ651.  We talk to Eddie about his journey as a remix DJ and his influences and talk about old Samoan bands and social media.  Eddie gives some DJ tips on equipment and pet peeves on the job.


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Recorded 25th October 2022

Host: Cam Schuster

Selwyn Cobbo is a young rising star in the NRL who plays wing for the Brisbane Broncos.  Selwyn made his debut for Queensland in the 2022 State Of Origin series.  Selwyn was on holiday in New Zealand at the time of this recording



Recorded 18th December 2020

Hosts: Isaiah Kalava, and Cam Schuster

Eddie Tuala AKA DJ651 is a West Auckland DJ part of the Kutman Krew a collection of remix DJ's and a member of Outkast Entertainment NZ.  You can find DJ651 on instagram here: ⁠⁠ or email for DJ enquiries to



Recorded 22nd June 2020

Hosts: Isaiah Kalava, The real BDFS and Cam Schuster

Siliga Kepaoa is a Screen Printer and Graphic Designer.  He owns the Company AK111 Apparel which specializes in custom screen printing on clothing and owns the brand ABCGI (Any Body Can Get It) and clothing label.  You can find AK111 Apparel on Instagram and Facebook.  




Recorded 13th Dember 2019

Hosts: Isaiah Kalava, Dan Feps and Eric Mariekore

The man of many talents Jordan River.  We chat with Jordan about his hosting of the Samoa Mo Samoa concert, thoughts on social media, solutions to uplift lower socioeconomic communities and Jordan also gives us inside info on the famous kiki challenge video, the leeshgo origin, and "This aint water" trends




Recorded 10th May 2019

Hosts: Isaiah Kalava, Eric Mariekore and Cam Schuster

Joining us at the Back of the bus we have Nickson, former host of New Zealand's number one radio station Mai FM.  Nickson is now an afternoon radio host for the Edge.  We talk to Nickson about his career and a few secrets in the world of radio in Aotearoa


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Recorded 6th December 2022

Host: Cam Schuster

Sala Peau AKA DJ Jaks is a West Auckland DJ and part of Kut Man Krew Music and Outkast Entertainment NZ.  We talk about his passion for music and his work.



Recorded 27th June 2020

Host: Cam Schuster and Isaiah Kalava

Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster is a Doctor, Actress and former reality TV show contestant on the Bachelorette New Zealand.  We talk to her about her time on the Bachelorette and we ask her medical questions on covid tests.



Recorded 28th September 2020

Host: Cam Schuster and Isaiah Kalava

King Kapisi is a recording artist and south pacific hiphop legend.  He currently hosts the talk shows "Hoops and Life" and "Kaps Chats" on Facebook and also hosts the DJ shows "Mr Majesty" and "Kapisi Klan" on Instagram and Facebook.



Recorded 28th September 2020

Host: Cam Schuster and Isaiah Kalava

Marcus Petea AKA DJ Spindakut is an Auckland DJ and a member of the Kut Man Krew.  Marcus is also a Social Worker by day, he is of Samoan descent and lives in South Auckland.

Subscribe to the DJ Spindakut YouTube Channel here: ⁠⁠

For Gigs direct message DJ Spindakut on Instagram here: ⁠

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