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“...stop telling us what you find interesting, and just tell us what you feel.” those words sliced the air like a knife through butter from Stephen A. Smith’s mouth, across the round table, and zeroed in on Jay Williams' agitated face.

by Cam Schuster  I     19 April 2023

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The two ESPN sports analysts were going at it with a heated exchange about Kyrie Irving’s past controversies on American television.  Williams found it “interesting” that Stephen A's criticism of Kyrie accounted for every single act of arrogance (leaving the Cavaliers and Celtics on bad terms, the vaccination debacle) and out the gate comments which seemed like personal attacks to the superstar point guard.  Stephen A’s retort however indicated a deep annoyance at how Williams constantly sits on the fence with his opinions.  

I see where Stephen A. is coming from.  In the sports talk show arena - dont say what you find interesting “...tell us how you feel” because telling us how you feel is telling us your truth, and telling us your truth creates a powerful message that…


  1. Shows the audience a better understanding of where you stand on a topic while keeping an openness for conversation

  2. Exposes your heart and values to the audience so they can respect

  3. Is relatable to that water cooler conversation about the weekend of sport at work. (you know we always bag on the player that messed up)


So, as an introduction of myself, the author of this write-up to the new readers out there, the following is a list of my feelings, my truth on Pop Culture, Sports, and Lifestyle.  A cAMZ 1 on 1 perspective.  Time to catch some feelin’s.


  • I feel Carlos Spencer was the most exciting 1st five New Zealand has ever produced.


  • I feel Dan Carter was the best 1st five the world has ever known.


  • I feel Grant Fox is the best goal-kicker rugby has ever known.


  • I feel Netflix is all about quantity instead of quality.


  • I feel Apple TV+ is all about quality instead of quantity.


  • I feel The Godfather is the greatest movie of all time.


  • I feel if you replace The Godfather characters with Samoan characters it will still be the same movie.  Give the family Matai the part of Vito.


  • I feel Supasui goes with Potato Salad and nothing else, not even rice!  No Thanks.  Save the rice for your canned tuna. 


  • I feel when it comes to the NBA you are allowed to support multiple teams.


  • I feel when it comes to the NFL you are only allowed to support 1 team. 


  • I feel when Aucklanders support the Chiefs, most changed when the Blues were losers (2004-2018).  Bandwagons.


  •  I feel when Kiwi’s supported the Brisbane Broncos during the Winfield Cup, they were jumping on the championship bandwagon.


  • I feel George Lucas ruined the Star Wars franchise with those fucking prequels.


  • I feel Rogue One and The Mandalorian saved the Star Wars franchise.


  • I feel Auckland Rugby is a sleeping giant, as soon as the players care… well, maybe the giant is dead?


  • I feel the Crusaders have a winning culture because there’s nothing else to do in Canterbury but fuck sheep and play rugby.  Or is that Dunedin?


  • I feel Damian Lillard will never win a championship, Dame Time, to face reality.


  • I feel Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and LeBron is a very very very very very very very very good player.


  • I feel you can't compare 90’s NBA to 2023 NBA, different rules, different number of threes taken, different physicality, and the Centers had different skill sets.


  • I feel Moana Pasifika should leave Super Rugby Pacific.  Or stay and change their identity and name to South Auckland Raiders or Apia Islanders or Nuku’alofa Stallions.  


  • I feel the NRL is more competitive and entertaining than Super Rugby Pacific.


  • I feel sports culture in New Zealand sucks, there needs to be more tribalism, more fan-based events.  The Wellington Sevens used to be a thing before they banned alcohol.


  • I feel we need better personalities (ie: being themselves) in sports

 broadcasting, give Ruby Tui and SBW co-host their own show.


  • I feel there needs to be seats at the bar at establishments around Auckland.


  • I feel Better Call Saul should've won an Emmy, steller writing!


  • I feel the Blues rugby franchise’ is the greatest sports franchise of all time


  • I feel Reggie Miller is the greatest clutch shooter in NBA history.


  • I feel Moneyball is one of the great sports movies.


  • I feel it's time NSW starts its 10-year winning run.


  • I feel Manly Sea Eagles have the goods to go all the way this season.  Just hope Seibold can put it together.


  • I feel New Zealand is such a smaller market, therefore we can't have teams playing Australian sports competitions representing a NZ city ie: NZ Breakers and NZ Warriors - it should be Auckland Warriors and Auckland Breakers.


  • I feel we need more traditional sports bars, and one out west please - can we have an Applebee’s?


  • I feel Quentin Tarantino hasn't made a movie to rival Pulp Fiction yet.  I hope his last movie does.


  • I feel HBO is dominating the TV Series market at the moment.  Last of Us, Perry Mason, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos… sheeit man, need I say more?


  • I feel sports talk shows on Sky TV cannot criticise NZR as part of an unwritten rule in the TV rights deal.  Or is it unwritten?


  • I feel Spark Sport lost an opportunity to really compete with Sky TV.  I had lots of ideas for them, too late.


  • I feel the John Wick Chapter 4 has some badass fight scenes.


  • I feel the 80s movie American Ninja does not age well.


  • I feel Steven Spielberg's movies in the 80s age so well.


  • I feel grateful Rangi turned the Blues into title contenders after 19 years, I just hate the fact he’s an ex-Crusader.


  • I feel Marvel Studios will do a better job with X-Men than 20th Century Fox.


  • I feel James Gunn’s new DC Studios will kick Marvel Studios' ass.


  • I feel Netflix’s The Punisher was the best version and closest to the comic book than the rest.  Dolph Lundgren doesn't count.


  • I feel Manu Samoa will win a Sevens gold medal before they win a Rugby World Cup.  


  • I feel the Redcliffe Dolphins will win an NRL Premiership before the NZ Warriors


  • I feel Northern Hemisphere rugby will eventually suck NZ and Australia of talent with big money.  It started with the Springboks leaving Super Rugby, Super Rugby Pacific is not competitive, there are cracks in the All Blacks aura, and that's just the beginning.


  • I feel Judd Apatow produces the best romcoms.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a classic


  • I feel Family Guy has the greatest 80’s pop culture references in any comedy.


  • I feel Michael Mann is the greatest heist movie director of all time.


  • I feel Biggie has one of the greatest bars in rap history in the song Flavor In Your Ear Remix.


  • I feel my time living in Samoa has taught me to appreciate what's most important in life.  family, food, culture, and simplicity.  The rat race in NZ is real.


  • I feel I'll be watching any new Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, or David Fincher movie that gets made.


  • I feel Team Vehicle Voltron was way better than Lion Force Voltron.


  • I feel Stephen King has written books that teaches you how to write.


  • I feel alot of hate for Queensland State of Origin more than Nicho Hynds


  • I feel you cannot experience a Horror movie properly at a near empty theatre.  You must go when its packed.


  • I feel Souls of Mischief and the rest of the Hieroglyphics should have maintained their popularity from 93 to 2023.  You know they still making music though?


  • I feel Kenny Pickett and George Pickens will be puting on a show at the Steelers next season.  Be one of the first to use the hashtag #pickett2pickens


  • I feel I’ve found my lane for sports writing and movie reviews… There will be more to come.

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