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It's NOT ok, To NOT BE OK

Everyone has their own take of what "ok" is - it's a matter of interpretation.


Today, not just the new generation but everyone I feel have interpreted, I believe at first a good sense of empowerment of acknowledging a bad situation you may be in mentally as "ok" no pressure everyone has bad days - but this phrase now also gives the "ok" to stay and dwell there because society said it's ok to be this way.

by Jan Zabawski I     16 May 2021


People are now being encouraged to share how they feel, what's going on inside - and when they do say they're not ok ... then what next? Release the pressure and everyone knows why but then what? I see a lack of the other half of this conversation being encouraged and that is what to do, how to bring yourself out of where you are because ... Yes! It's actually not ok to be not ok.

There are big burdens people carry around on a daily basis and they come home and look in the mirror and say "it's ok" and don't deal with it until it explodes - always to the ones closest to them.

Of course I agree with the phrase "It's ok to not be ok" but you know me let's not use this line or way of thinking to not move forward to change. A step or a slide of a toe forward is a move forward for a better ok.

I can't control what people think but people need to be aware of two things.
1. Telling someone what's going on with you is very different from an emotional dump. We have to realise we are all human and that your emotions affect those around us - no matter how much they want to help you or how strong they are - if you emotionally dump on someone - it affects them more than you know. Does that mean you shut up? No but be mindful that being emotionally open doesn't necessarily mean it will be received the way you need and hope it will be.

2. Now this is a hard one - but emotions are the death of us.  If you let emotions run you - they will run you over and control you. That's why developing good habits like mindful breathing (FREE), eating well enough (doesn't have to be perfect keto style - what you can afford not too much takeout etc) and going for a walk to clear your head - even writing down how you feel or what you're grateful for everyday - habits developed will take over automatically when emotions run rife. It's hard but it works.

When you become "not ok" get professional help or talk to people you know who can point you towards habits that will help you get ok.

Maybe the line should be "it's ok not to be ok but it's not ok to stay that way".

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