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The WesWes Mid-November Streaming Picks



Not sure what to watch next?  Check out these recommendations from some of the WesWes Network creators.

by WesWes Network I    16 November 2021




Cameron Schuster: If the first season introduced these young wannabe rappers hustling amongst the drug and gang filled projects of Staten Island New York, then season 2 shows them escape the gangsta lifestyle and rise out of Shaolin to form the rap Supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan led by the vision of Bobby Diggs AKA The Ruler Zigzagzig Allah (RZA).


Hip Hop heads will love this season, the RZA's determination to crack the music business will inspire, the origins of familiar beats from Enter the 36 Chambers will have you bobbing your head once again and seeing how your favourite clan members come together will keep you intrigued.  If you love Hiphop this is a must watch.


DYNASTY (2017) season 4, 22 episodes, NETFLIX


Ria Reigns: Does anyone else remember their parents or grandparents watching the US soap opera Dynasty in the 80s?  Well, if you didn’t already know; this has been remade and the long-awaited Season 4 of that remake is out now on Netflix and it doesn’t disappoint. 


I am not sure if it’s the glamourous clothes or rich people drama that keeps pulling me back to watch it but whatever it is it works!  I might also have a girl crush on Fallon Carrington?? Her straight-faced comebacks, go get-em attitude and tough demeanor helps me look past her terrible love life decisions.  If you’re getting down about being broke and need a reminder that “mo money” brings “mo problems” then check this series out.




NARCOS MEXICO Season 3, 10 episodes, NETFLIX


Cameron Schuster: Drug Lord Felix Gallardo is in prison and the Mexican Cartel are broken up and independent in their own territories, but the peace will not last as each Cartel strives for control of the cocaine trafficking trade.


Since the first season unveiled the curtain on the origins of the Drug Cartels in Mexico, the final season portrays events that lead to what the Cartels are known for today.  An extraordinary true story about opportunity, corruption, money and greed by the ambitious from both the establishment and working class culminating in chaos and the vacuum of power. 




MARE OF EASTTOWN Season 1, 7 episodes, NEON


Linda Heymans: If you know me; I am more of a sci-fi fantasy, rom-com tv show watching kinda gal… I thought I’d give Mare Of Easttown a go for something completely different, it seems I’ve been watching a lot of the same old shows and was bored.  Thank goodness! 


This was Kate Winslet in not her typical typecast role - Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) a gritty but likeable, small-town detective investigates a local murder, trying to avoid the involvement and even implications of friends and family and all the while trying to keep her own life from falling apart!

It’s always a real gem for me when you invest yourself into the characters and accompany them along their journey - the only downside so far is that this is a limited series but I need more!




COLIN IN BLACK AND WHITE Limited Series, 6 episodes, NETFLIX


Cameron Schuster: The coming up of former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepenick as a teen playing sport and looking to be picked up from a College Football Scholarship is told through his own narration and the actors that portray the people in his life, his adopted Palagi parents, his friends and coaches. 


Themes of identity, racism, ignorance and resilience hits home in this one fams and we have seen it before but for me, being a fan of American sports, it was his journey playing Baseball and Football and the pressure that came with choosing one or the other if you are good at both.  Kind of like being good at Basketball and Rugby here in NZ and you turn Leon MacDonald and the Blues down because you love Basketball more...      




BELOW DECK Season 4, 14 episodes, NETFLIX


Cynthia Crichton: Captain Lee, Ben, Kate and Kelley are back with a new crew and luxury yacht to serve their charter guests.  Friendships are formed and made awkward, job descriptions clash which makes for good drama in this reality show like no other.


Here is a dream job for any Polynesian person to be on a luxury yacht in the tropics and we would absolutely kill it because our work ethic is on another level to these Palagis LOL.  But what fascinates me watching this show is being employed and working in luxurious and most beautiful settings.  Also, the dynamics of working relationships in close quarters with the young staff, on their OE working for extra cash, the breaks in between at the local bars, and wondering what the amount of tips at the end of each charter are worth looking forward to.

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