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Last Sunday’s UFC 300 card featured Hawaiian native Max “Blessed” Holloway on the card who knocked out Justin Gaethje to win the UFC gimmicky belt known as the BMF belt, which stands for “Baddest MUTHA F@%$ER!” (Say it in a Samuel L Jackson voice).

by Simon Amani  I     17th April 2024

Down (1).jpg

Holloway in true Hawaiian style, who is also of Samoan blood (we will claim anyone that wins) was winning the fight right up till near the end of the 5th and final round than with 10 seconds left in the fight, Holloway points to the floor in the middle of the cage to invite Gaethje for a scrap in the pocket. Outside of Sefo vs Hunt back in K1 when the usos went toe to toe with no defence, this is probably the most gangsta thing I’ve seen in the ring/cage since.  The last 10 seconds was all hands, little defence, and with 1 second left, Gaethje was kissing the floor after being face-planted. Pa uma! Holloway didn’t need to do that but to truly achieve that Baddest Mofo belt, he had to.

Which leads me down memory lane. Who is Pacifika’s BMF of all time past and present, all fighting disciplines? Let me dive into it. My all-time Top 5 and relax serious fight connoisseurs, I’m jus a casual fight fan. If you want to rank yours, write ya own damn article.

#1: Ray “Sugarfoot” Sefo

A world famous kickboxing legend. Ray trained in Wing Chun as a youth before taking up Kickboxing fighting out of Aucklands famous Balmoral Lee Gar Gym under Lollo Heimuli.  Ray is a 6 time Muay Thai champion, whose career also includes fights in Boxing as well as MMA.  A true martial artist in a career that spans 23 years. Is currently the president of the Professional Fighters League, so the top executive of that company making him a BMF.  Any guy that lets Mark Hunt punch you in the face with your hands down deserves the BMF belt in my book.

#2: Faumuina To’aletai Mafaufau David “Tuaman” Tua.

Do I really need to explain this guy? Anyway, for those of yous born after the year 2000, I will.  Born in Faleatiu Samoa, Tua and his family migrated to Aotearoa and at 19 years old won a bronze medal at the ’92 Olympics. Later that year Tua turned pro and fought from’92-2013. With a KO ratio of 83% Tua's fights were all action. His left hook could put people to sleep any time anywhere. Seeing a Samoan knocking people out on the world stage during the 90s and early 2000s was such an inspiration to all of us Pasifika people.  He is also a scholarly wordsmith who invented the saying O for Orsome.


#3: Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt

South Auckland legend whose rise from the streets of South Auckland to the top of the K1 world and the UFC world makes him one of Pasifika’s BMF. In a career that spans 20-plus years and counting, currently in talks for a debut in bare-knuckle boxing (who wants to die?), Hunt's career has seen him put plenty of people to sleep and in hospital.  Outside the ring, you can add a hundred to that number. From K1 to boxing to MMA, Hunt is a legendary BMF.

#4: Jason “Psycho” Suttie

Another student of LoLo Heimuli. Samoan-born Suttie is a 6-time Muay Thai world
champion who has fought all over the world. Active from 1993-1998 Suttie has an
exemplary record who alongside Sefo has put Pasifika/Aotearoa kickboxing on the map.  A true BMF who now owns and operates a gym out of Auckland.


#5: Tonga ‘Uli’uli Fifita aka “Haku”

Togan born Haku is a professional wrestling legend from the 80s and 90s. Ok ok, y’all gonna say wrestling ain’t real but if you ask any wrestler from that era, they will tell you Haku is one of the BMF ever. Outside of the ring I’ve heard stories of Haku single-handedly beating up a bar full of cowboys on his own. Legend Rick Flair is quoted as calling Haku “the toughest son of a b*%# I’ve ever met”. Shut the gate. Haku, a Bad MOFO!

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