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Sales advice from a Pasifika Rugby Player

by Joey Nanai  I     26 July 2022

A sales career ought to be an exploration of new things.

Your chances of success will be limited if you lack curiosity about the things you don't know.

'Always Be Learning' consists of four main components:.


  • Become more knowledgeable about the goods and services you sell;

  • Spend the time and effort necessary to completely understand the market and the demands of the businesses that will serve as your clients;

  • Gain a thorough grasp of the value your consumers obtain from your products (and services) and how they use them in their businesses.

  • By assessing the efficiency of your sales procedures and making the necessary modifications to increase your performance, you may learn how to improve your selling skills.

IT buyers are being held back by sales managers and salespeople who have refused to learn because they lack knowledge, insight, and responsiveness.

You might believe that some of this is the result of a generational gap, but my experience with client sales teams demonstrates that this lack of curiosity is not just a generational issue.
According to a report by an analyst, IT buyers want to cut the time spent on the purchasing process by 40%.

I didn't give a sales job much of a chance after receiving my first overseas rugby playing contract.

But everything changed when I realised that sales provided a unique opportunity for lifelong learning.

I worked for several international travel groups and tech start-ups in the United Kingdom and in Australia and New Zealand.

I deliberately modified my selling techniques after carefully observing each high performer at each company I worked for.

I knew very little about corporate travel management or the requirements of the enormous multinational businesses I served because I was leading a very demanding rugby career.

As a sales consultant, I developed an entirely new set of skills and learned about innovative technologies that have enabled me to feature in a bestselling Amazon book, become a highly effective sales strategist, and give sales presentations to audiences in the US and in the UK.

No, you don't have to be a university graduate or the most intelligent person to learn how to sell well.

All it takes is a dedication to never stop learning.

Joey Nanai 

Tel: M +64 22 429 2299 


Twitter: @joeynanai

Skype: joey.nanai

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