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Top Afakasi Scoop Episodes



episode 1
straight Outta Lockdown

Recorded 27th May 2020

Hosts: Ria, Tee and Cyn

After spending 6 weeks in lockdown we have been set free!!  Us ladies -Cyn, Tee and Ria met up in own brand NEW studio to talk about how homeschooling in lockdown went, how we spent Mothers Day (expectation vs reality) and we offer a lil advice to the males about how to stay out of the dog box!



Recorded 30th January 2023

Hosts: Ria, Tee and Cyn

The WesWes Networks Ria, Tee, and Cyn have a guest on the podcast, Content Creator and former Pro-Wrestler Kingston Eclipse AKA Kiss The Floor.



episode 3
Let's Talk About Sex

Recorded 6th September 2020

Hosts: Ria, Tee and Cyn

We talk about the subject most of us Polys shy away from .. S*X .. I cant even bring myself to type out the whole word.  

How does "IT" change after having kids and what's dating after divorce like .. we share our personal experiences to answer these questions and more.



episode 11
The Down Side of Culture

Recorded 11th July 2020

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE our Samoan heritage and culture but we know there is a downside.  Today Tee and Ria are joined by Juliet to discuss the difficulties she faces being a NZ-born Samoan in a relationship with her Romeo who was born in Samoa and still has strong family ties there.  The struggle is real and we know she ain't the only one going through this.



Recorded 18th October 2022

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

Cam Bernard AKA The Real BDFS (@thereal_bdfs) is a comedy content creator and was brave enough to join Afakasi Scoop in the studio for this episode! How did we get him to go from talking about the art of creating content to how an uncircumcised "stick" feels during sex ... you gotta listen to the episode to find out!!



episode 2
Talofa Samoa - Tofa SB

Recorded 28th May 2020

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

In honour of Samoan language week, we discuss bilingual units in schools before Ms. Serious and Ms. Humour have a battle of opinions.  Unlike what we saw with the National Party's ousting of their leader SB we talk about the importance of building up our fellow Polys and the part the Weswes Network plays in this vital movement.



Recorded 14th November 2022

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

I'm not crying, you're crying!! The WesWes Networks Ria, Cyn, and Tee and their guest Ave from the EMPTY OUT THA CLIP podcast talk about what's going on in life and answer your questions from the 3 boxes with titles ANYTHING, SEXY and ZERIOUS.  Your questions got really deep and profound this week and made us cry on our podcast for the first time ever! 



episode 6
Wait WHAT?!

Recorded 8th July 2020

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

Disclaimer ... We talk about "IT" again.  

However this time with our male guests we talk about how to approach the subject with your kids.  We found ourselves saying WAIT ... WHAT when our special guest CK shared his views on when and how he would speak to his kids about S*X.  



episode 10
Straight Outta Lockdown again

Recorded 10th September 2020

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

We are BACK in the Studio after the 2nd Lockdown!!!  We were a lil all over the place in this first episode back where we started off critiquing some video clips, reflect on our age and how much we are closer we are coming to death and then finish up talking about varying relationships with God.  We've missed getting together and are super happy to be back, hope you enjoy!



Recorded 19th December 2022

Hosts: Ria, Tee, and Cyn

The WesWes Networks Ria, Tee, and Cyn meet in the studio for the last episode of 2022, wrapping up the last of the questions from the boxes. Looking forward to some rest and restoration and to coming back in 2023 refreshed. Have a safe and happy holiday season famz, thank you for all your support this year. Alofa atu xox

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