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Join sales consultant Joey Nanai on his new podcast and dive into the misunderstood industry of sales as he gives advice and techniques to not only help with your sales profession but with everyday communication.

Articles by Joey Nanai


“What do you do?”
The classic question asked by a stranger at a networking event or gathering. Without going into the many ways that one could answer this timeless classic question, it really doesn’t matter what your industry is or what you actually do – you must grab their attention with your answer in that first couple of lines of your response, otherwise you will see the other person in the conversation break rapport. 

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How to build rapport
By Joey Nanai

Sales is interesting as a profession. When I first decided to enter the world of selling it was because of comments like "You got the gift of the gab, so sales is a good profession for you." 

But what I did when I first got into sales and what I do today are two totally different things. The reason for this lies both in my own development but also very much in the way our world has changed. 

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The Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Into Sales
By Joey Nanai
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