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You Are Everything

If you listened to our first podcast, you may have wondered why I chucked the Marvin Gaye
and Diana Ross rendition of “You Are Everything” into the hat as opposed to the original.

by Linda Heymans     I     27 August 2020


The Everything Version

Call it personal taste, call it preference but for me, that version is everything.  During the
podcast, I don’t think I touched on how much that rendering really gets me in the feels.
We covered off a few remakes and I’ll give them their credit, some were better than others
and some lacked considerably... or was it the mere fact my mind was made up and couldn’t
be swayed, this was/is the GOAT?

Close, but so far

The vibe these powerhouses bring to the song embodies a closeness that wasn’t actually
there – so far from it, but that’s just how professional they are and had I not gleaned the fact
that they recorded most of the album separately, I’d never have known.  Funnily enough, it
also doesn’t matter because once the arrangement starts, MG and DR come in with their
adlibs, the song builds up and I’m taken away already.

Sentiment of appeal

I want to say I appreciate The Stylistics song in the fact that, it was my first introduction to
the song and at some unknown time, the Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross version crept into my
repertoire! It’s not even to say that I dislike the original per se, I just don’t get the same
sentiment when I hear it. I catch a feeling because I love the bones of the song, but the
meat sits more with this version – does that make sense?


What solidifies the appeal of the song is the timelessness of this version – whether it be
down to the arrangement, the unopposed vocal force behind the duet or the fact that my
belief in their relationship extends beyond the song. It’s all so relevant 47 years on.

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