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Brave Conversations

REVIEW: After the podcast with feminist Anatola Finau, I was encouraged that a lot of the big issues we are going through could be resolved if we are willing to be open minded and brave enough to have the tough conversations.

by Jan Zabawski     I     22 July 2020

Down (5).jpg

Like most people, including our world leaders, I myself found myself dodging the tough conversations with people I knew wouldn't agree with me on much or see eye to eye on certain topics.

Although we didn't have much in common, what we did have in common, respect and an openness to hear out each others beliefs and thoughts made for a really great conversation and forum for sharing about some big topics that affect us all.

When I found out Anatola was a feminist, I was hesitant in approaching her at first, but after talking with my wife and her encouraging me to step out in faith, approach my fear and go for it, I nervously sent her a message to see if she would be interested in talking with me. Anatola was most friendly and kindly accepted my offer.

I have seen some feminists speak online and talked with a few in person but it was only surface talk. In this episode, we dig deep on subjects I was scared to talk about publicly, making it the most uncomfortable and challenging podcast I have done so far. I am grateful for my wife encouraging me to pursue Anatola as it was cool to connect with her and it definitely helped me grow and gain a different perspective on things. I hope she felt the same way and all who listen to this episode too.

Wherever you stand on the things we talk about, one thing stands out. You don't always have to agree on everything or have the same beliefs to be friends, hang out and get along.

Let's be kind to each other just as Jacinda Adern and our nation has encouraged and let people have their opinions without placing judgement on them or cancel them out just because you don't agree with something they said or believe in.

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.

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