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In light of a few things this lockdown we thought it only right to give you a peek into who we are, the girls of The 135 Playlist with a quick Q&A!


(For the record, we answered this separately and I feel personally targeted LOL)

by 135 Playlist I     15 Sept 2021

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How did you start on the podcast?
I love music and I'm from a musical family. Our network was looking for someone to do a music podcast so we talked about it and I knew exactly who I would have on with me who also shares the same love I have for music ….Ms Lindy then followed later with Ms Pun.
Was asked to jump on an episode and it stuck from there
Was asked to jump on an episode and it stuck from there I was asked by Cyn and I couldn't have been more humbled
What makes you passionate about the podcast
Being able to talk freely about the music we love or not….within a space of great banter and friendship and to share our love for music from a Polynesian perspective.
Sharing and learning about music and the songs you love with girlfriends who share the same enthusiasm as you and always coming away with a deeper appreciation for music
Who wouldn’t love talking about something they love, not on a professional level because I am by no means that, but a personal level - that all comes from me, and with my mates
What type of character on the podcast are you
Mmm probably the clown and the competitive one… hahaha (love challenging the girls with their choices)
Probably the youngest lol
Probably the serious guy who takes over the narrative lol
What role do you play (i.e. social media etc.)
I am the editor… I edit all our audio podcasts and post them to our Anchor and Spotify.
I run our social media
I take care of any write ups we need, i.e. articles
What do you think makes up the chemistry you have on the podcast
FYI we have a friendship of over 20 years....which makes it easy for our conversations and chemistry to flow nicely...I’m still finding new things about these two that I thought I already knew ...Go figure lol
A lifetime of friendship
The vibe we have organically, the jokes, the same wavelength plus it helps we are all big mouths
Do you ever get nervous before recording
We've come a long way since starting this podcast and overtime it has become easier although every time, we have a new challenge (e.g. having guests on) I do get nervous.
Every single time!
Nah - oh lately the online podcasts have thrown me off because it's new for us and trying to navigate it reminds me of when we were first starting out
Who is competitive
Eeeeek me I think lol...
Cynthia - she always wins!
Who always goes off topic
LINDAAAAAAAAA lol has to get every fact in LOL.. #1 fact checker!
Bro - we ALL do
Who is predictable
Pani... she just comes outta nowhere with either facts or a song...and blows us away! Lol
We all are dependent on what we’re talking about
I would say me
To anyone wanting to do something like this, what advice would you give
Try everything you want to try, no matter the fear or self-doubt you have. Odds are you’ll be happy if you try something you were afraid of doing and you’ll look back and laugh at the fact that you were ever scared in the first place.
What’s the harm in giving it a go? When I was younger I took risks but the older I got, the lazier I got - this is one thing I am so happy I persevere in. So don’t waste the time I did, just do as much as you can!
Your favourite genre
I personally have a few...Gospel, RnB, Soul, ballads, hip hop just to name a few….
90’s R&B and Neo-Soul
Your favourite era
80s & 90s
80s & 90s
What is your first memory of music?
My dad singing ... Gospel music
My mum cleaning up to Stevie, Santana and EWF
A Uriah Heep album of my dad’s, with a man whose face was covered in cobwebs
Who is your musical hero?
My dad taught my siblings and I everything we know about music
Michael Jackson
Do you have a family song?
Where do I start???
Emotions Flowers
Talk It Over - Grayson Hugh
Current favourite artist
Chloe Bailey/DOJA
Snoh Aalegra
Favourite all time album
All JODECI albums!!!!!!
This is hard. I go hard start to finish on a few albums that I consider my favourite of all time. So I will go with the very first Bone Thugs n Harmony E1999 Eternal
Toni Braxton - Toni Braxton
A genre you don’t like
Folk lol
Heavy metal
Favourite concert
Fleetwood Mac
D’angelo/Lauryn - its a tie lol
Alicia Keys
It’s 1996, you and your friends are making up a dance routine, to what song?
Waterfalls - TLC
Actually did this with my cousins to 702 Steelo LOL
Who Do U Love

Hear more about the 135 Playlist crew on S04 E1 of the Success Recipe

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