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The girls of the 135 Playlist


135 Playlist

In light of a few things this lockdown we thought it only right to give you a peek into who we are, the girls of The 135 Playlist with a quick Q&A!

Happy 21st Birthday NZ Music month


by Linda McAlister

21 years ago this month the NZ Music Commission along with other organisations ran a promotion – 31 days celebrating our country's music, seemingly a spin off on a larger scale of NZ Music Week originally launched back in 1997.

Six Picks - Wedding songs


by Linda McAlister

I decided to jump the gun on this article and precipitate an up and coming segment of The 135 Playlist - a “Six Picks” episode where the theme is wedding songs. We haven’t recorded it yet but the prospect of writing about it now was too enticing to wait till my next article!

You are everything


by Linda McAlister

If you listened to our first podcast, you may have wondered why I chucked the Marvin Gaye
and Diana Ross rendition of “You Are Everything” into the hat as opposed to the original.

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