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The 'Air" Down There


by Cam Schuster

It was 1990 when I first laced my eyes on the shoe when fellow form 1 student Jason Adams walked into our classroom wearing a pair of Air Jordan 5’s. What the hell are those? Astronaut boots?. I didn't follow basketball at the time let alone know who his airness was, but conversations with Jason sparked an intrigue of questions. Who is Air Jordan?

Too Close To Home


by Ria Reigns

I CAVED! I binge watched Squid games! Not because I have any prior interest in international thrillers (if I’m completely honest I am a big scaredy cat so I don’t watch horrors or thrillers by choice) but because I was sick of seeing it being referenced everywhere and I had no idea what they were talking about. So, here are my thoughts, that no one asked for, about the Squid Games series streaming on Netflix.

Halloween Kills Again


by Cam Schuster

There have been a number of the ‘slasher’ sub-genre of horror films that have garnered cult followings, and proceeded becoming successful franchises. Slasher films always involve a stalker who hunts down and murders a group of people usually with sharp or bladed objects and is difficult to stop or terminate. Sometimes these characters are bigger than the movie they associate ...

Too Many Saints


by Cam Schuster

TV Writer and Producer David Chase who used a lot of the aesthetics and tone of Scorsese’s masterpiece to create the multi-award-winning Organised Crime Drama - THE SOPRANOS which ran for six seasons from 1999 to 2007 and is now back in the form a new prequel movie called “THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK” This is my review on the film.

The Godfather family values


by Cam Schuster

“Fredo you’re my older brother and I love you, but don't take sides against the family again...ever.” - Michael Corleone
This is the chilling warning uttered by Michael Coleone to his vacuous brother Fredo in the Las Vegas Takeover scene in “The Godfather'' and the line that cements one of the main themes throughout the film trilogy of 'loyalty.'

Tenet review


by Tuna Maiava

After the push backs and delays due to the pandemic the world is facing right now, we finally got to see the highly anticipated Tenet. Christopher Nolan was against his film to be digitally released and said Tenet was needed to be seen on the big screen, and he was right.

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