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Is 2024 "Our Year?"


by Cam Schuster

Happy New Year readers, let's hope 2024 brings you sporting joy and fulfilment as fans as I present thoughts on how this year will behold for the Blues, Manly SeaEagles, Miami Heat and Pittsburgh Steelers. Let's go!

Parker Is Back


by Simon Amani

"Well, he hadn’t really gone anywhere, but after last years loss to Joe Joyce there were a lot of Ki’o
talkers out there demanding he be gone. However, considering most of the people with that opinion
never been in the ring or even just getting off a couch and entering a gym, we take it as a grain of masima."

Southern Hemisphere Final upset the Colonising Cuzzies.


by Simon Amani

The 2023 Rugby World Cup will end this weekend with yet another winner coming from the Southern Hemisphere. In its 36-year history, only once have a team from the Northern Hemisphere won the World Cup, the 2003 English team.

This Is Our Year


by Simon Amani

"With 3 games left to go in the season and 4 teams still alive, here we are licking our lips with anticipation like an LL Cool J video as we await a sold-out Sun-Cope, for this Saturday nights
Preliminary final between The Wahs and the Broncos."

New Breed of the Pasifika Front Rower.


by Simon Amani

Introducing in the Pacifika¹ corner, weighing in at 258 pounds (117kg) he stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall, he hails from Newcastle NSW fighting out of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby league team repping his Samoan/Filipino heritage...I give u the new dangerous evolution of today’s breed of Prop with Pasifika heritage;
Paaaaaayne Haaaas.

Race To The Finals


by Simon Amani

Malo NRL fans round 21 is upon us and with Origin over, the Telstra Premiership is back on centre
stage. 7 rounds to go and I must admit, the make up of the top 4 is still undecided as teams still have
enough time to bring it home or at the same time ki’o their ofuvae (shit their pants) and come up

All Black and Blues


by Cam Schuster

When the following semis came, my beloved Blues who I thought, WERE supposed to be there, suppose to have found redemption turned out to be a total embarrassment for myself and my team.

Malo Maroons


by Simon Amani

The 2023 State of Origin series winner was decided last night following game 2 at Lang Park with the mighty Queensland Maroons taking a 2 nil lead after giving NSW a comprehensive fasi palasi (hiding/smacking) winning 32 -6.

Blue Chips


by George tagofana

Can Moses deliver the Blues out of Suncorp, and send the series to a decider? History says no. But in the words of Adesanya, Moses can make this HIStory.

Is Lakapi Super or Nah?


by Simon Amani

The 2023 Super Rugby Pacific finals series is upon us. We have found our top 4 teams out of 12, after
14 regular season games.

First Blood


by Simon Amani

One of the great Wins by Queensland, a lot of shit talking about Billy Slater’s team choices but the
performances of Man of the match Rueben Cotter, The Hammer and Reece Walsh in particular should
put a big aue le pese to those critics.

Locked & Loaded


by George Tagofana

Origin 2023 is upon us. With game 2 this year being played in the other state, you could say Game 1 is almost a must win for the Blues because we all know the other team grow an extra arm and a ref at home. So, for Freddy and his staff, getting the selections right is crucial.

The 2023 NRL Close To Mid-Season Report Card


by Simon Amani

Talofa lava NRL footy fans. As we are approaching round 11 of the 2023 NRL Premiership and a couple weeks off the halfway point as well as being on the eve of the announcement of the State of Origin teams, I thought it was a good time to give out some report cards for our current top 8 teams and assess how they are travelling.

Catchin Feelin's


by Cam Schuster

“...stop telling us what you find interesting, and just tell us what you feel.” those words sliced the air like a knife through butter from Stephen A. Smith’s mouth, across the round table, and zeroed in on Jay Williams' agitated face.

Who's your Daddy?


by Cam Schuster

There are two reasons why I’m a diehard Auckland Rugby fan. The first is I was born and raised in the City of Sails, Auckland is my city, West Auckland is my home, I love this town, and my unwavering support extends to all sports teams who represent this fine city.

Welcome to Upset City


by Cam Schuster

Welcome to Upset City, est: 2023, population 56, slogan: “Where the best get dropped.” This is the town where top-tier sports teams get sent for four unpretentious days to reflect, rehabilitate, re-evaluate, and rejuvenate after experiencing shocking losses to the cellar dwellers of their respective competitions.

The beginner's mini sports survival guide for March Madness.


by Cam Schuster

It's March Madness peeps, not NCAA College Basketball but the sports on SkyTV in Aotearoa version. Here is what I’ll be looking forward to this month.

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