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Rugby League

Malo Maroons

The 2023 State of Origin series winner was decided last night following game 2 at Lang Park with the mighty Queensland Maroons taking a 2 nil lead after giving NSW a comprehensive fasi palasi (hiding/smacking) winning 32 -6.

by Simon Amani  I     22nd June 2023


An impressive and seki display by Queensland, who after 40 mins was leading 10 nil on the scoreboard but had to endure a lot of attack on their line.  Queensland had very few chances in that first 40 mins as NSW forwards and Brian To'os running giving Queensland plenty of tackling practice with majority field position and possession.

That’s where it all went wrong for NSW as the more Queensland tackled the more they grew in confidence, as if to say; is that all u got.  Queensland’s defence was the winner last nite as they constantly diffused bombs, repelled waves of attack by attacking with their line speed and anytime NSW broke through, Queensland had them covered. 

NSW had their chances.  Moses and Luai were aiight but Queensland Defence was just better. Combinations may have been a little off for NSW after losing Tommy early (it’s over Manly) and shifting Cook to left centre.  But if that 1st half was a bit of an arm wrestle, then Queensland came away with a brand new red truck like Lincoln Hawke.

Come 2nd half, we were given a bit more football to admire as both teams gave the footy a lot more air. After 50 mins the scoreboard read 20-nil and NSW attack had looked even more predictable as Queensland's defence was all over them and Munster and Cherry Evans unleashed their killer outside backs who went on to entertain us with a few more tries.


We will be amazed a lot more in the future with these Queensland young fullas Walsh, Hammer, Coates, Taulagi, and Cobbo.

By near the end of that 2nd half NSW had been poor thanks largely to Queensland’s defence.  NSW will need to... IT DOESN'T MATTER. 

Another series in the bag for Queensland, the future is bright with this young team led by Billy Slater.  Let's hope they can get out the salu and sweep the series 3 nil.

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