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The 135 Playlist:
Six Picks - Wedding Songs



Jumping The Gun

I decided to jump the gun on this article and precipitate an up and coming segment of The 135 Playlist - a “Six Picks” episode where the theme is wedding songs.  We haven’t recorded it yet but the prospect of writing about it now was too enticing to wait till my next article!

by Linda Heymans  I     13 October 2020

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The Categories

When planning your wedding, there are a few moments to consider what music will be played but we decided on:


  1. Walking Down The Aisle - Processional

  2. Signing Of The Register

  3. Walking Back Down The Aisle - Recessional

  4. Reception Entrance

  5. First Dance

  6. Bonus Love Song/”Our Song”


A number of helpful websites will give you a bigger list but it comes down to personal choice at the end of the day - do you want to have the Father/Daughter Dance?  Do you need a Last Song to mark the end of the night?  


Walking Down The Aisle - Processional

Gone are the days of The “Bridal Chorus” aka “here comes the bride” and like everything, there has been a shift in tradition where one can tailor their wedding right down to the songs they play - thank goodness!  This is where you set the tone, highlighting my.. *ahem*, the bride’s arrival - so make it a tear jerker I say.


The Signing Of The Register

At this stage it’s been a bit emotional so perhaps something calming to create a peaceful atmosphere.  “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” too obvious?


Walking Back Down The Aisle - Recessional

The exit as husband and wife! A happy and lively exit now modernised by a bit of a fun song and even a dance routine.  It is literally time to kick off your shoes and get the party started.


Reception Entrance

Like I said, the party is about to get started.  Much like the modernised ceremony (and personal choice) you can play a bit of a fun song establishing a celebratory mood from the get go.


First Dance

This could tie in well with “our song” as it’s a sentimental moment and dancing to a song special to you can mark the occasion.  If you’re anything like me and can’t dance, find a song you can slow sway to.


Your Day

When all is said and done you want your choices to reflect you, your spouse, your relationship and to be unique.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of a song that you love - it’s your day!  If you feel a certain type of way when you hear it - it’ll work.


Tune in to Episode 8 - Six Picks: Wedding Songs to find out what songs we bring to the table for each category, get inspired brides-to-be! X

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