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I am super proud of writing and releasing my first ever eBook! I fell in love with writing in my early twenties, after I firstly fell in love with reading autobiographies when I was 18-19 (after school) I loved the learnings and lessons that you could gain from books and I was bold and cocky enough to think I had something to offer the world through the art of writing.  The first thing I tried to write about was training of course, but I felt overwhelmed and didn't finish after only getting a few paragraphs down. Since then, I've done some rants and shared some thoughts on social media with only really writing anything serious for the Zealous CrossFit website when I was there and more recently for the WesWes Network (the premier podcasting network in New Zealand)

Over the years I have heard writers through podcasts try to put people off who enquired about writing a book because of how hard it is, one of them stating something along the lines of it "taking your soul" so this along with now a lack of time and confidence to write a full book (I knew I was a decent writer, but a full book - cover to cover was daunting).

Along this journey, I always had other endeavours at the front of my mind and writing was only ever in the back seat. That was until I heard about eBooks. It intrigued me. Financially friendly, and a million times less soul crushing (apparently). After enquiring what it entailed, I thought this was possible for me and I could see it, whereas a real hardcover book; not so much at this stage.

Now, with the confidence and belief to write an eBook, what to write about? I always have a bunch of ideas floating through my head but I wanted something relevant, useful and simple to implement. Also, writing about something I knew about was important to cut back time on research.

While being in the midst of a world wide pandemic and the powers that be selling mostly lies in my opinion and with bad motives, I thought I would shed some light on some things they love to keep in the dark.

Again, I wanted it simple, FREE and no cost involved implementing any of the tips. Now, some people a bit more aware of this stuff may look at my tips and think it's common sense while others might have seen some of these tips for the first time. I think anyone and everyone can take something away or some of the tips can serve as a reminder to get back on track if you've fallen off the rails.

It may seem too good to be true that some of these things can drastically help our immune system and overall health but go try some of them out and see for yourself before you write anything off.

I believe the government doesn't always tell us the truth and has mostly business agendas behind their decisions.

What they class as essential businesses include alcohol stores and takeaways! Come on guys, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this all about business/money and keeping us down.

And look at the recommendations, not just inside of covid but in general, medications and subscriptions most of the time and not basic things like hydration, nutrition, and exercise. These things get skipped over because it doesn't help big industrial businesses make money. Call me conspiracy theorist or whatever but just think about it. When we buy alcohol and takeaways, it's lose/lose for us as in we lose money and health whereas they win. Good business should be win/win, customer and business. My tips are so that we, the people win and they lose which is why they won't promote this stuff, there's nothing to sell and they lose.

All in all, I enjoyed writing straight off the top of my head and getting this out there in hope to shed and bring some light to what has been somewhat of a dark time for all of us in one way or another.

Thanks for reading and the support.

Much love.

In truth.


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