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Pasifika Values of Hard Work and Perseverance: Overcoming Stress and Achieving Success


by Joey Nanai

Stress is a common experience that everyone faces at some point in their lives. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including work, relationships, financial struggles, and health issues. But what is the true determinant of stress? Is it the amount of work we do or our thoughts and perception of stress?

Instant Gratification and Pasifika Culture: Navigating the Temptations of Today's World


by Joey Nanai

As Pasifika people, we come from a culture that values hard work, patience, and perseverance. However, in today's world, we are constantly bombarded with messages that encourage instant gratification.

The Ladies of the Afakasi Scoop


Afakasi Scoop

We talk a lot in our episodes about our own experiences but our listeners still have some questions about us. Since we have never done a "who we are" type podcast we thought its about time we did that - just a tad delayed given that we have been podcasting for over a year now LOL.

Racing Thoughts


Giovanni Lolohea

Working from home sucks. I don’t care who you are, working from home sucks .... What is stressing me out, is my District Health Board’s (DHB) inability to consistently provide clinicians with information or guidance about how we are meant to support clients under Level 4 restrictions.

Lockdown Lessons


Ria Reigns

At 4pm today I imagine that most of Tāmaki Makaurau were gripping their screens awaiting the announcement from Aunty Cindy telling us if we were coming out of Level 4. But alas many hopes were shattered when she added another week to what feels like a really long detention period.

Winter is Coming


by Adam Tafau

With the winter season upon us, and this year being significantly different from last year, it is important that we ready our immune systems for the potential barrage of cold and flu viruses that could be floating around.

It's NOT ok, To not be ok


by Jan Zabawski

Today, not just the new generation but everyone I feel have interpreted, I believe at first a good sense of empowerment of acknowledging a bad situation you may be in mentally as "ok" no pressure everyone has bad days - but this phrase now also gives the "ok" to stay and dwell there because society said it's ok to be this way.

Freedom Season


by Ria Reigns

When I think of the word freedom I revert back to memories of being a teenager. I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license so I could have the "freedom" to get to where I wanted to go, when I wanted to go. I couldn’t wait to be an adult so I could have the "freedom" to live life the way I wanted to instead of doing what my family wanted me to do.

Readjusting in the COVID era


by Adam Tafau

You may know someone who learned a new skill during lockdown, got in the best shape of their lives or even achieved that life-long goal they have always worked towards. While others may have been less fortunate with the year that has been 2020; many people lost jobs, loved ones and even their livelihood.

The unseen benefit of tough times


by Jan Zabawski

What is the hardest thing you've ever done or been through?
What is something that you've always wanted to do but haven't for what ever reason(s)?
What if I told you that whatever you've been through so far in life has equipped and prepared you in a way that you have what it takes to start what you've been afraid of starting.

When is enough, enough?!


by Tee

Every girl dreams about who they’ll end up with - who their life long partner will be. The excitement of a new relationship, the endless possibilities, the hopes and dreams you hope to fulfill, your future kids you might have together, the memories you will create together, finding someone who will take care of you, understand you, and love you for you...These all play a role in how some partners are chosen (well, for most girls anyway).

Weight a minute?!


by Tana Valeni

Our Network just finished a “Biggest Loser” challenge and I failed miserably! However, with every failure there’s always a lesson, right? When I reflected on why I came LAST in the challenge; the answer usually came back to motivation, “your why” as every great PT will tell you. Wait ‘LAST’ did I say??? Yeah ok, pretty much last haha.

The awareness norm


by Adam Tafau

Mental Health needs to be normalised to allow people to grow. I interviewed Sela Alo to gain insight on ideas of mental health, and we both expressed our journeys becoming more in tune with our own mental health awareness.

Is 13 too young?


by Tee

In our Afakasi Scoop Episode 6 podcast titled ‘Wait WHAT’ we discussed with our special guests what the right age was to start talking to our children about sex. Up until this podcast I had always believed that having limited exposure to the world of sex and my Mum not talking to me at all about it helped me focus on my studies which got me to university - my parents dream.

Brave conversations


by Jan Zabawski

After the podcast with feminist Anatola Finau, I was encouraged that a lot of the big issues we are going through could be resolved if we are willing to be open minded and brave enough to have the tough conversations.

Stuck in the COVID-19 rabbit hole


by Cam Schuster

What does the new generation of cellular network technology and a virus that causes respiratory tract infections have in common? If you believe the new roll out of 5G causes Covid-19 is the harbinger of death to thousands of people around the world in the past 4-5 months then you like many might agree with the statement “5G is directly responsible for Coronavirus deaths.”

The struggle of giving


by Ria Reigns

Every Sunday my Nana would emerge from her room dressed in her ironed puletasi, pearl earrings, faux fur collar coat, cartwheel hat and shoes that were reserved for special occasions.

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