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We talk a lot in our episodes about our own experiences but our listeners still have some questions about us.  Since we have never done a "who we are" type podcast we thought its about time we did that - just a tad delayed given that we have been podcasting for over a year now LOL. 


Check out our brief Q&A below and then head over to Episode 24: Q&A with the Afakasi Scoop on YouTube or your favourite listening platform to hear the full Q&A session.

by Afakasi Scoop I   22 October 2021

Where were you born and raised?
Born and raised in Ranui, West Auckland!
Born - Green Lane Hospital - Auckland. Lived out South first 10 months of my life before moving to West Auckland and been here ever since.
Auckland, NZ. Moved around a bit as a kid but spent most of my life in West Auckland till recently I moved to Southside where I currently reside.
What nationality are you?
I am Samoan from Tugafuafua and mums from vaipuna in Apia, our family descends from Scotland.
Fun Fact: 46% Samoan, 27% Ireland, 3% Tongan, 3% Sweden & Denmark, 8% Scottish, 12% England & North Western Europe, 1% Eastern Polynesian & NZ Maori
Half Samoan/Half Dutch – Mums family is from Vailoa Palauli in Savaii and I don’t know my Dutch side
What kind of girl were you known as in High School?
I was a good student but a rebel as well lol...
I was in what they referred to as the “brainy” class but I was an undercover rebel lol
What is your occupation?
I was in Human Resources Management for 10 years but have now started my own business as a Life Coach – TuRIA Coaching check out my website
How many kids do you have?
4 boys
3 daughters
I have 2 boys. They are 13 & 15 now and are my security guards .. so good luck to whoever tries to cross the threshold!
How old were you when you got married? When did you have kids?
Married at 21 years. Had 4 boys, left at 36 years of age. Lol had my eldest at at 19
Married aged 25yrs. Kids - Twins at 26yrs & our youngest at 29yrs.
24 when I got married, 26 when I had my first son 28 when I had my 2nd son
Current relationship status?
Am currently in a relationship
I am single and ready to mingle hahaha Refer back to episode 19 – Dusting off the cobwebs, dating after 40 for more details
What have you learnt from being in a marriage and having kids
That Marriage/relationships shouldn't be hard. Life can be busy - MAKE TIME.
Compromise, patience, & I’m quite onto it when I need to be and don’t even realise it (Coz as a Mum - you just are!).
Never close the lines of communication, don't give up too easily, nurture the relationship with your husband.
What made you want to jump into podcasting?
When I catch up with these two over wine we have so much laughs and jokes and thought this would be awesome if we did it in a podcast while discussing some topic we go through as mums
When Cyn head-hunted me to join I was flattered! (Cyn, galm doooown LMAO) Nah honestly we always talked about all the things we got up to and were constantly doing those “imagine if we wrote a book” lol! !
Cyn asked us to lol And then I fell in love with it. Its a really good excuse to prioritise time with the girls too. Sometimes we get so busy that we dont make time for us - having this podcast ensures that we do.
What makes Afakasi Scoop different?
What you see is how we are when catching up makes it that much easier. It's nice to hear other ladies say they have a connection to us because we remind them of us.
We talk to each other like we normally do in person. It’s kinda like - What you see is what you get
We talk about stuff that we haven’t heard our Pasifika people talk about in public before.
Which character are you on the podcast?
I'm the wise advisor lol...i should've become a therapist or something…
I’m the go with the flow, get my facts 15mins before recording type! I like to play devil’s advocate and looove rarking Cyn up & she falls every time:( lol
I'm the serious, planning, responsible one that the other two always yawn at but ya need me and love me, ya know it lol
Describe the other 2’s characters on the podcast - #1
Don't be fooled by Ria she may sound like the innocent one in the middle but she is undercover however very organised got her shit together.
Ria: organised, logical thinker, reigns Cyn in when she needs it. Ria's actually undakava mocker too & she's more lady-like than we are🤣
They are both the won’t take anything serious guys, dont read the plan guys and the keep fighting with each other guys hahaha Makes for great entertainment value lol
Describe the other 2’s characters on the podcast - #2
Tee - is so good at rarking me up. Always asks me the questions to get at me lol so I go blank but I try to be ready for her hahaha Picks on cyn all the time, she's a mean girl! lol
Cyn: ulavale, funny joker, can be serious also, bullies Tee & goes 0-100 real quick for no reason!
I wouldnt have it any other way.
Name 3 things you wished you could do/ on your bucket-list - #1
Travel to Scotland to where The Crichton Castle is, my cousin went and I saw pics but would love to see it in person!
To travel to Ireland & Scotland to see where my donors family came from
I want to go to Holland to see how my other side (Dutchies) live
Would love to Open a office for our Network
Take my kids to Samoa
I want to move back out West Auckland lol
Go with my partner and my boys and travel
Milk a Cow (actually)
I want to buy a remote property and turn it into a retreat centre for Mums to rejuvenate, find themselves again and do my Life Coaching work

Hear the Q&A session in full on
Episode 24 - Q&A with Afakasi Scoop on YouTube

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