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Tenet Review

After the push backs and delays due to the pandemic the world is facing right now, we finally got to see the highly anticipated Tenet. 

by Tuna Maiava     I     25 August 2020


Christopher Nolan was against his film to be digitally released and said Tenet was needed to be seen on the big screen, and he was right.  Like most of his films since The Dark Knight, those big imax cameras are going to give you the best high quality shots.


So what is Tenet about?  I'm still trying to piece the puzzle together haha.  But its an espionage thriller where we see a our main protagonist played by John David Washington (actually named The Protagonist), go on a spy mission to stop a unknown antagonist from destroying the world. Sounds like your everyday spy film but its a Nolan film so there is definitely more than meets the eye.  From the opening scene at the Opera, the action starts off with a bang. We get introduced to our Protagonist which leads him to the main plot of the movie, where we find out about a time revert radiation or something, some science shit that will play heavily throughout the rest of the film. Typical of Nolan to mess with reversing time theories in a spy movie, smh hahaha. There is alot going on with the plot and story, exposition after exposition, you might miss a few things along the way, so maybe a second view of Tenet is a must for us non-science dudes haha.

It has a superb cast led by the charismatic John David Washington who definitely shines, pretty much the heart of the film.  Robert Pattinson and Kenneth Branagh are brilliant also. The cinematography of course is out of this world and its a loud, loud film.  No Hans Zimmer but Ludwig Göranssons music score is still top notch.  Plenty of action, knowing Nolan, most of the big action set pieces were probably practical but still even the CGi stuff was all good.  I feel like people will nit pick at the length of the movie, two and a half hours is a long running time and might drag on.  Others will probably get confused and frustrated at the story line and plot holes because there's so much going on.

Overall, I highly enjoyed Tenet even though it was confusing at times and a tad too long as I mentioned before, but it was something different.  I'm a big Christopher Nolan fan, and he is always big on originality.  Probably not his best movie and hes got some classic bangers out there, but if you enjoy a mind boggling action thriller that is beautifully shot, Tenet is the one.  Will definitely watch it again.

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