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Nailing Your SaaS Sales Interview: Essential Questions for Pasifika Sales Professionals

Kia ora to all my Pasifika sales professionals! If you're gearing up for a job interview in the SaaS or IT industry, it's essential to have a repertoire of impactful questions to ask the interviewer.

by Joey Nanai  I    12th July 2023


These questions, commonly posed by salespeople in our Pasifika community, can help you demonstrate your industry knowledge, passion, and strategic thinking. In this article, we'll explore a list of insightful questions tailored for Pasifika sales professionals, accompanied by an example dialogue to illustrate their application.


  • How would you define the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and estimate its current size?

  • What was the highest earnings achieved by a top-performing representative in this division last year?

  • How have the compensation plans changed year on year? Can you provide me with details for both versions?

  • Does the company anticipate raising additional capital? If so, when? Can you share insights on the current burn rate?

  • What led to the current vacancy in this role/territory? If the position was previously filled, what prompted the departure of the previous incumbent?

  • Who will be my reporting manager, and how long have they been with the company? (If the interviewer is not your direct supervisor, arrange a conversation with them.)

  • According to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, what are the top three reasons for lost opportunities?

  • What proportion of my pipeline is expected to be self-sourced versus generated by SDRs (Sales Development Representatives), marketing, etc.?

  • What percentage of team members in this role achieved their quota in the last quarter?

  • What are the top three initiatives the sales organization is undertaking to enhance quota attainment?

Let's delve into an example dialogue that showcases how these questions can be effectively employed during an interview:


Interviewee: Could you please explain how you define the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and estimate its current size?


Interviewer: Absolutely. The Total Addressable Market encompasses the entire revenue potential within a specific market segment for a particular product or service. To estimate its size, we analyze market research, competitor analysis, and customer segmentation data to gain insights into the revenue opportunities within our target market.


Interviewee: Thank you for that clarification. Moving on to the second question, could you provide me with some insights into the earnings of the top-performing sales representative in this division last year?


Interviewer: Certainly. Understanding the earnings of our top performers sets a benchmark for success and provides visibility into the growth potential within our organization. It also demonstrates the rewards and incentives available for high achievers, motivating our salesforce to strive for excellence.


Interviewee: Let's discuss the ratio of self-sourced opportunities in my pipeline. What do you anticipate in terms of self-sourced versus SDR or marketing-generated leads?


Interviewer: An excellent question. While SDR and marketing-generated leads are valuable, we believe in the power of self-sourcing as it showcases proactive identification and nurturing of prospects. Striking the right balance between self-sourced and assisted leads, leveraging your network and industry expertise, is key to achieving success in our sales approach

Screenshot 2023-06-19 082153.jpg



By incorporating these thought-provoking questions into your interview strategy, you'll not only demonstrate your knowledge and expertise but also convey your proactive and strategic mindset. Remember to tailor your questions to the specific role and organization you're interviewing with, showcasing your genuine interest and alignment with their objectives.

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