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The WESWES NRL April Power Rankings

Talofa footy fans. We’re 5 weeks into the 2024 NRL premiership.

by Simon Amani  I     9th April 2024

Down (3).jpg

All teams have come out of pre-season training looking like Kurt Sloan from Kickboxer, the same way he trained with the old fulla before he took on Tong Po; looking ripped and ready to go. Some individuals apparently have had a not so full-on pre-season and are looking like Sammo Hung or Kung Fu Panda (Gen Alpha reference) i.e. Josh Shuster/Nelson Asofa Solomona (insert big eyeballs)

Anyway, I can’t talk as I’m always having a not so good off season all year round. Let’s hope these 2 talented usos get back on the footy field as they are too good for reserve grade, or whatever they are playing in these days.

5 weeks in and let's fia bots it and rank all our teams so far and how I think each one is going.  It's not their ladder position but more so my view on where they at. This early on the ladder positions don’t matter so back off serious guys this is just another fan’s opinion.

Two losses so far to the Storm and Manly, 1 below par performance against a flying Manly last weekend but still killing it without the world’s best halfback and prop Cleary and Fisher-Harris.  Have picked up where they left off and when Cleary comes back, look out.

1 hiccup vs Knights, however with no Munster up until last week and no Big Nelson they have still looked dangerous with Grant and Hughes. Businisi as usual.

Keen to put them higher however we just gotta pump the breaks as they smashed the kaea (crap/hopeless) Bunnies on the weekend and had a disappointing loss vs Sharks. With RTS and a returning CNK at the back with SJ running the show and AFB up front, there are enough acronyms at the Warriors to finally be their year. (insert eyeballs)

Looking tough as usual, plenty of Mongrel in the pack that will stand up to any in the comp.  Fogarty and Strange combo looking mean in the halves and some X Factor out wide in Timoko and one of the best names in the comp, Xavier Savage. They should be there come September.


Looking a lot better than last year. Plenty of talent in the squad with a few rep players. Can blow teams off the park. Also are looking good without Turbo having to do too much.  Dangerous team if they can be consistent.

Always a tough team being coached by Clint Eastwood. Leading the comp atm, a lot rests on the young but talented Isaiya Katoa as well the mantis known as The Hammer; Hamiso Tabuai- Fidow. Will need to keep all their top players on the field to make the 8.

Off the pace this year compared to last year. Still have the excitement machines in the backline to blast teams off the park as well as a pack that can still dominate. However, the General Adam Reynolds 80-year-old body will determine their fate.

Look like a million dollars one week, then 50cents another week. Have the team on paper to make a bit of noise but lack consistency.

The Rest…



Big-time improvers from last year. One of these teams could even be Smokies for the 8 come September.  Well done to Benji and Flanagan, new coaches who have lifted their teams.  Doggies are playing tough but lack big names to win the comp. All 3 teams will shake up a few title contenders but must remain consistent to be a Top 8 contender.



Teams with decent rosters but should be ranked higher but due to inconsistency, I have ranked them low as they have not performed to the best of their abilities. Are very much capable of cracking the Top 4/8



Straight Kaea. A little early to discount their hopes but I'll say it; shit season, come back next year.

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