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Navigating Successful Sales: The Power of Gratitude and Genuine Connections for Pasifika Leaders

Kia Ora Pasifika Leaders,


In the world of sales, building meaningful connections and making sound decisions are crucial for success.

by Joey Nanai  I    8th August 2023


As leaders in our communities, we understand the importance of genuine relationships and supporting one another. Today, let's journey through the Pasifika islands and hear stories that exemplify the significance of showing gratitude and fostering strong connections in our sales endeavors.


Once upon a time in Samoa, there was a young leader named Sina. She sought the wisdom of an experienced entrepreneur, Tavita, to navigate the challenges of her new business venture. Tavita, honored to help the next generation, shared valuable insights and advice with Sina. In return, Sina expressed heartfelt gratitude and invited Tavita to a traditional feast in his honor. This simple act of appreciation strengthened their connection, and Tavita continued to support Sina's journey, much like the steady waves of the Pacific.

"Tusi alofa, love is the foundation of all our connections. When we give thanks and show appreciation, we build bridges that can weather any storm," - Tavita.


In the bustling marketplace of Fiji, a group of Pasifika leaders came together to collaborate on a project. Talia, one of the leaders, noticed how hardworking and dedicated her teammate, Kele, was. She made sure to acknowledge Kele's efforts, praising his contributions openly during a team meeting. This gesture of recognition not only boosted Kele's morale but also motivated the entire team to work harmoniously like a well-choreographed meke dance.


"E dua na tagi, a single voice, may inspire a collective rhythm. By acknowledging each other's efforts, we create harmony in our journey to success," - Talia.


In Tonga, the tale of Moana and Ani highlights the importance of upholding values in business dealings. Moana ran a successful business, and Ani was her loyal customer. When Moana noticed that Ani's business was facing challenges, she extended a helping hand. She provided Ani with valuable advice and resources, free of charge, out of genuine care. Ani, deeply touched by Moana's generosity, made it a point to support Moana's business whenever she could. This mutual respect and support became a foundation of trust that propelled both their ventures forward, much like the trade winds guiding ships to distant shores.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 082153.jpg

"Faka'apa'apa, mutual respect, is the compass that guides our business relationships. When we support one another, we sail towards prosperity together," - Moana.


As Pasifika leaders, we have a treasure trove of stories that teach us the power of unity and gratitude. Let's honor these lessons in our sales practices. When we express gratitude and show kindness, it fosters a positive environment, much like the warmth of the Pacific sun.


In the pursuit of success, let's remember that we are not alone. Together, we can navigate the challenges of the sales landscape and support one another like a well-coordinated vaka, propelling us toward new heights.


So, let's embrace the Kiwi spirit and Pasifika values in our sales endeavors. Each connection we make is an opportunity to strengthen the network and forge bonds that stand the test of time.


"Tauhi vaka, uphold the canoe. Our unity and appreciation for one another keep us afloat in the ocean of opportunities," - Pasifika Proverb.


I'm thrilled to continue this journey with all of you, as we weave our way through the sales realm, honoring our culture and building meaningful connections.


Fa'afetai tele mo le fa'amoemoe, and cheers to a future filled with thriving sales and lasting connections!


Kia kaha, Pasifika Leaders! 

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