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Rugby Union

Southern Hemisphere Final upset the Colonising Cuzzies.

The 2023 Rugby World Cup will end this weekend with yet another winner coming from the Southern Hemisphere.

by Simon Amani  I     24th October 2023

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In its 36-year history, only once has a team from the Northern Hemisphere
won the World Cup, the 2003 English team. Quite an anomaly considering the game was invented by these fellas in the north as well as having arguably the best local club competitions in England and France. The guys in the North also boast the highest money-making competitions in the world with a lot of resources at their disposal…yet choked on the big stage.

After Pool Play the usual tier 2 countries were made to play World Cups under done. It was the Flying Fijians who ruined the Northern script by making it to the quarter-finals and almost pulled off one of the greatest upsets of World Cup history vs England going down by 6 points.  Samoa almost did the same thing to England a week prior in pool play losing by 1 point.  Just to put it into perspective; Samoa has played 13 games between this and the last world cup with 1 game vs a Tier 1 team (Ireland) which was a World Cup warm-up vs their B team.  Fiji has played 21 games between World Cups with 9 games vs Teir 1 teams. England has played 41 games with bar 2 games all have been against Tier 1 teams. Now you tell me where the fair playing field is. Just Imagine a world where Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa play at least 10 games a year vs Tier 1 teams between world cups with access to their best players every game.  Only then would we truly have a fair world cup where dare I say
the Colonisers would fear this happening as they would prefer to make Pacific Islanders citizens of their own countries.  If only Tonga and Samoa Rugby Unions would take a leaf out of Fiji’s umu and stop acting like FOB amateurs and start showing the same heart, passion, and professionalism as the players do.

After some amazing close games in the quarter-finals, this week we watched the All Blacks demolish the over-achieving Los Pumas and South Africa struggle in a boring kickfest win over England. 


Both South Africa and All Blacks have given the Rugby world plenty of high-octane nail-biters in the past and I am hoping this Final will be no Different.  This will be only their 2nd World Cup final together since the infamous 95 World Cup.  If it's anything like the drama and action of that game, I cannot wait.

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To our Northern Hemisphere Friends; unlucky uce.  France played probably the best footy of the tournament but was unlucky against South Africa.  Ireland, the other favourites, I think we're just build-ups vs a firing All Blacks.  In the words of the great George Gregan... 4 more years boyz.

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