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Join Tana and special guests as they discuss the latest in Technology from a Polynesian perspective.


We talk all things Internet, Communications, big ideas and how they are changing our world.

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2021 NZ

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Articles by Tana Valeni


I’ve been in the Information and Communication Technology sector of the business for nearly 15 years and in that time one thing hasn’t changed when I turn up for meetings, I’m either one of a handful of pacific island faces or I’m the lone Pacific Islander in the room (albeit my living room at the moment)

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Come now, the jug's hot
By Tana Valeni

Our Network just finished a “Biggest Loser” challenge and I failed miserably!  However, with every failure there’s always a lesson, right?  When I reflected on why I came LAST in the challenge; the answer usually came back to motivation, “your why” as every great PT will tell you.  Wait ‘LAST’ did I say???  Yeah ok, pretty much last haha.

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Weight A Minute?!
By Tana Valeni
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